Baseball Roster Organizer

Baseball Roster Organizer 1.2

Simple and easy to use roster tracking program for baseball coaches
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The best thing about coaching a baseball team is keeping track of playing time, who played what position, and planning rosters. Right? Well, not really. If you coach a kids city baseball team or Little League team, you probably do it because you love the game and enjoy helping the kids improve as baseball players. This simple software tool can help you with setting up your roster for each game. The software allows you to enter a player into each position for each inning. Positions such as catcher, first base, center field, short stop, etc. are already in the program. As you enter a player, that player gets entered into the roster and then. for the rest of the entries, you can use a quick pull-down menu when assigning a spot. You also can plan and record as many baseball games and rosters as you want. You can also print reports on the roster to use in the upcoming game or later on in the season. Other things tracked included game score, date, and opponent. Features include print outs, browsing through rosters, full roster on front screen, uninstaller, and help. Baseball Roster Assistant is freeware to download and use.

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